The Swiss Implementation Science Network (IMPACT) was founded in October 2019 by Prof. Dr. Sabina De Geest, Dr. Mieke Deschodt, Dr. Thekla Brunkert from Nursing Science, Department of Public Health, University of Basel and by Prof. Dr. Jürg Utzinger and Prof. Dr. Kaspar Wyss from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.

The goals of IMPACT are to:

  1. Showcase implementation science projects in health care conducted by Swiss health care researchers and institutions;
  2. Provide networking opportunities for implementation science researchers and other interested stakeholders in Switzerland;
  3. Provide training opportunities for implementation science; and
  4. Leverage funding options for implementation science in Switzerland.

Definition Implementation Science:

Implementation science is the scientific study of methods to promote the integration of research findings and evidence-based interventions into healthcare policy and practice. It seeks to understand the behavior of healthcare professionals and support staff, healthcare organizations, healthcare consumers, and policymakers in context as key variables in the sustainable uptake, adoption, and implementation of evidence-based interventions.”

 [NIH Fogarty International Center]